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When The Insured Has Lied Like Pinochio: New Case Authority Helps Guide The Insurer When It Discovers Material Misrepresentations In The Coverage Application

By:  Robert A. Crook, Esq. The scenario is familiar. An insurance carrier receives an application to insure a single family home. No leaks. No pets. No business. No hazardous conditions. Only after the policy is in place – and a plaintiff sues the homeowner for injuries – does the insurer learn that the home is […]

Holidays = Family Fun Time, But Proceed At Your Own Risk!

By:  Mark I. Melo, Esq. Now that Halloween has come and gone, many of us are now anxiously awaiting the Thanksgiving Holiday. While we comb the stores for the perfect turkey and the last bag of cranberries, we here at Bradley & Gmelich LLP also look forward to the more challenging kinds of “family fun” […]

Brew-Hoo: Be Careful What You Witch For This Halloween

By:  Steven R. Diaz, Esq. As any defendant will tell you, there is nothing scarier than a lawsuit lurking in the dark. Litigation can be the stuff of nightmares, after all. This is particularly true for the unfortunate souls who are served with a products liability complaint in California. This area of law can be […]

CUEVAS Provides and Explanation of Benefits

By:  Mirth I. White, Esq. Plaintiffs often are lead to believe that, at trial, they can recover all amounts of their doctor bills for their medical treatment. We all know that can be a lot of money! However, in 2011, the California Supreme Court held in Howell v. Hamilton Meats & Provisions, Inc. (2011) 52 Cal.4th 541 that […]

What’s Wrong With Going For A Swim?

By:  Lindy F. Bradley, Esq. California is easily the most populated state in the United States, with approximately 38 million individuals living in what is considered the best weathered state in America. Summer in California, and specifically in the southern part of California, regularly has days that do not dip under 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Thus, […]

Due Diligence When Buying or Selling a Business

By Harold A. Laufer, Esq. Before the purchase or sale of a business is completed, you should expect that an investigation into the business, its operations, financials, and other matters will occur. The buyer always wants to know that it is getting everything it believes it is paying for, and it will also want to […]

But didn’t the doctor say that fitness and exercise was supposed to be good for you?

Shape Up On Your Fitness Law! By Lily Nhan, Esq. Summer solstice, June 22, officially kicked off the beginning of the Summer season.  For some, summer solstice also marked the beginning of beach and outdoor festivity season. Many are inspired to get in tip top shape for those short sleeves, short shorts and bathing suits. […]


By:  Brad Citron, Esq. Spring is the time of year when we start hearing warnings about reptiles, particularly the  Western Rattlesnake, the most common venomous snake in California.  A somewhat different danger to defendants in lawsuits is the expanding use by plaintiffs’ attorneys of the “Reptile Theory,” a tactical strategy which uses psychology to persuade […]


  By:  Darren Salute, Esq. How many of us have picked up our cell phones while driving to quickly check an email, review or send a text message or simply make a phone call. We’ve all heard the news regarding the new cell phone hands free laws.  California’s Vehicle Code §23123 requires cell phone usage to be […]

The Long Ride Home

By Stephan P. Hyun, Esq.   Within the realm of California law that governs liability of an employer for its employee’s actions, is the concept of the “Going and Coming” rule.  Rather than being dictated by a specific statute or law, the foundation of this rule developed over time through various cases decided in court. The […]


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