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Food Poisoning: What We’re Not Thankful For

By Anastasia Markie, Esq. Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the holiday season, and the centerpiece of the celebration is the elaborate holiday meal. Whether you’re celebrating at home or dining out, you don’t expect a side of salmonella with your turkey trimmings. Although food contamination is a danger all year round, many studies actually show […]


By Lindy F. Bradley, Esq.   As the days grow shorter and darkness falls a bit earlier, it can only mean one thing. Halloween is almost here! In the spirit of All Hallows’ Eve, Bradley & Gmelich LLP presents you with a few spooky tales to make you shiver in your shoes and hide behind the nearest […]

Field Trip Immunity Applies To The Schools Taking Field Trips, And Not The Entities Hosting Them

By Mark I. Melo, Esq. The end of summer brings yet another school year for many families. With each new school year comes the usual wave of back-to-school nights, volunteer sign-ups, and parental permission slips to be signed, covering everything from athletic events to classroom field trips. What you may not know is that there […]

Protecting the Soul of Solar Power

By:  Stephan P. Hyun, Esq. As spring season is underway, you may work on some spring cleaning, perhaps tend to your plants and flowers that have started blossoming. With winter gone, the days are becoming longer and weather is getting warmer. You may be thinking of ways to take advantage of all this sunlight…this solar […]

The Natural Condition Immunity – What You Need to Know Before You Pitch Your Tent in the Great Outdoors this Spring Season

By:  Jennie Barkinskaya, Esq. As we approach the spring season, warmer temperatures are bound to entice outdoor enthusiasts to venture out to the wide open spaces to camp, hike and backpack. As we all know, there is no shortage of visually stunning and otherwise inviting wilderness areas throughout the state of California to visit – […]

Weed, Animals and Jobs — A Wide Array of new Laws for 2018

By Founding Partners Barry A. Bradley, Esq. & Thomas P. Gmelich, Esq. In addition to our now famous Proposition 64 — passed by voters legalizing pot for recreational use — California Governor Jerry Brown signed 859 new laws that will likely affect you or amuse you. Whether you travel to the Golden State, do business […]

When The Insured Has Lied Like Pinochio: New Case Authority Helps Guide The Insurer When It Discovers Material Misrepresentations In The Coverage Application

By:  Robert A. Crook, Esq. The scenario is familiar. An insurance carrier receives an application to insure a single family home. No leaks. No pets. No business. No hazardous conditions. Only after the policy is in place – and a plaintiff sues the homeowner for injuries – does the insurer learn that the home is […]

Holidays = Family Fun Time, But Proceed At Your Own Risk!

By:  Mark I. Melo, Esq. Now that Halloween has come and gone, many of us are now anxiously awaiting the Thanksgiving Holiday. While we comb the stores for the perfect turkey and the last bag of cranberries, we here at Bradley & Gmelich LLP also look forward to the more challenging kinds of “family fun” […]

Brew-Hoo: Be Careful What You Witch For This Halloween

By:  Steven R. Diaz, Esq. As any defendant will tell you, there is nothing scarier than a lawsuit lurking in the dark. Litigation can be the stuff of nightmares, after all. This is particularly true for the unfortunate souls who are served with a products liability complaint in California. This area of law can be […]

CUEVAS Provides and Explanation of Benefits

By:  Mirth I. White, Esq. Plaintiffs often are lead to believe that, at trial, they can recover all amounts of their doctor bills for their medical treatment. We all know that can be a lot of money! However, in 2011, the California Supreme Court held in Howell v. Hamilton Meats & Provisions, Inc. (2011) 52 Cal.4th 541 that […]


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