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  By:  Darren Salute, Esq. How many of us have picked up our cell phones while driving to quickly check an email, review or send a text message or simply make a phone call. We’ve all heard the news regarding the new cell phone hands free laws.  California’s Vehicle Code §23123 requires cell phone usage to be […]

The Long Ride Home

By Stephan P. Hyun, Esq.   Within the realm of California law that governs liability of an employer for its employee’s actions, is the concept of the “Going and Coming” rule.  Rather than being dictated by a specific statute or law, the foundation of this rule developed over time through various cases decided in court. The […]

Getting Your Company Ready for Sale

By Harold Laufer, Esq. You’ve worked hard over many years to build a successful business. Maybe you’re starting to think about retiring, or maybe you’ve figured out that the company is now worth so much you ought to consider selling it. Before you just list the business with a broker or talk to your golfing […]

Booze, Driving and Jeans – New Laws of Interest for Californians in 2017

By Barry A. Bradley, Esq. and Thomas P. Gmelich, Esq. With more than 800 laws that took effect this past January 1st, California has a mixed bag for its citizens. Here are just a few highlights, whether you live here or not. . .             A Little Off the Top  Bad haircut day? Well, […]

Breaking News for California Employers!

BREAKING NEWS: California Supreme Court Rejects “On Duty” or “On Call” Rest Breaks By Jaimee K. Wellerstein, Esq. On December 22, 2016, the California Supreme Court devastated California employers, the security industry in particular, in the landmark case of Augustus v. ABM Security Services, Inc., ending an 11-year battle and holding that employers can no […]

Rape in Nightclub Bathrooms Could Have Been Prevented — Some Lessons Learned

By Barry A. Bradley, Esq.     In July, the Court of Appeal in Janice H. vs. 696 North Robertson, LLC affirmed a $5.43 million jury verdict in favor of plaintiff Janice H., who was sexually assaulted inside the Here Lounge night club in West Hollywood.  She had been drinking heavily with her friend at a Pasadena bar earlier […]

Haunted Houses, and other Spooky Tales…

By Lindy F. Bradley, Esq.     As Californians prepare to fill our cauldrons with candy and don our creepiest costumes, here are a few interesting legal facts to fuel those broomsticks this Halloween season! Sellers must tell prospective home buyers about their family ghosts…     Anyone who has ever bought or sold a house already knows that […]


By Michele L. Jackson, Esq.     Just two weeks after the new minimum wage laws went into effect, some employers have been taken by surprise at their broad scope.  This is what you need to know about the City of Los Angeles ordinances and how they affect businesses outside of the City limits: Minimum Wage was Raised […]

The Golden Days of AirBnB: You May Have Missed Them

By:  Marianna Oustinovskaya, Esq. Internet apps have dramatically improved our daily life. Ordering a cab is at your fingertips (thank you Uber and Lyft). You can cyber stalk your ex’s new significant other without leaving the comforts of your home (thank you Facebook and Instagram), and it has never been easier to rent a luxurious […]


By Dan R. Stevens, Esq.     Summer is officially here, and if you didn’t notice that on the calendar, you certainly did by stepping outside.  For most of us, dealing with the heat means nothing more than the brief furnace blast between air-conditioned homes, stores, vehicles, etc. Similarly, for many employees toiling away in their air-conditioned […]


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